Though motor racing can never be truly cheap, racing at club level is the backbone of the sport in this country and need not be prohibitively expensive. It is still possible to race competitively in a car, which you have driven to the circuit. Novice racing drivers will be obliged to undergo a half days training at one of the Association of Racing Drivers’ Schools (ARDS), before they can obtain a National B Licence.
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Race Licence
The controlling body for Motor Sport in the UK is the Motor Sports Association Ltd, who derive their authority from the FIA in Geneve. The FIA is the highest international body involved in the administration of Motor Sport. All competitors need to obtain a Competition Licence from the Licencing department of the MSA. In order to start circuit racing you need to request a “Starter” pack from the MSA, which will include an application form and details of ARDS courses offered by various Racing Schools. It is necessary for all new Competition Racing Licence holders to attend and pass an ARDS course and the ARDS examiners will endorse a successful candidates Competition Licence application form. After watching the MSA video you will sit the first part of the test which is a two-part written assessment to check your knowledge of Section Q of the MSA Competitors and Officials Yearbook (blue book) on Car Racing.Then, it's on to the driving part of the test where instructors will assess your track driving during a 20 minute lapping session. You must be able to demonstrate that you are competant circuit driver and that you can lap consistantly in a safe and controlled manner amongst other 'traffic'. You must also show your knowledge of the racing line and ultimately assure the instructor that you are safe and able to enter your first race. Don't worry - they will not be looking for you to set a new lap record and although it is a test, you'll enjoy yourself as well! At the end of that just send the paperwork to the MSA and you will have gained your National B race licence and you’re ready to go racing. Congratulations! All you need now is a car and you’re off on the start of a whole new chapter in your life, one where you can call yourself a racing driver. 
Going racing doesn’t have to be expensive; gaining a licence isn’t particularly complicated, It’s fun and once you’ve taken those first few steps we guarantee you’ll never look back. The buzz from driving a race car is impossible to match and the adrenaline rush of competing is massively addictive. Only a racer knows just how good it feels to race wheel-to-wheel with fellow competitors. The off-track action is equally enjoyable, you’ll meet like-minded new friends who will offer help when you need it and share a drink at the end of the day. How good do I need to be? Of course, until you’re actually out on the track you won’t know your skill level, but as long you can drive a car then you will be good enough to get started. Remember to give yourself time to learn and improve at your own pace. When you take the test to gain your licence you will need a basic understanding of the racing line and the technique required but this will be explained to you on the day. Will I make a fool of myself? No. The trained instructor will help you on the licence test day, and the championship co-ordinator will help you at your first race meeting. It’s very likely that there will be plenty of other drivers on track for the first time Is it safe? Modern circuits are designed with safety as the number one priority ensuring all racers are thoroughly protected. Circuits are subject to regular stringent checks and the race meetings can only be held if they are up to standard. All meetings are marshalled by trained volunteers, professional medical crews and doctors and most have fully staffed on-site medical centres too. If you do need assistance help will always arrive within seconds.