The Motor Sport Association (MSA) sets minimum safety standards for the equipment you must wear and your car must have a specific specification of roll cage, harnesses and a fire extinguisher, all of which is examined closely during scrutineering. With all the safety requirements that both the cars and the circuit have to adhere to and the onsite medical facilities you are considerably safer on track than you are out on the road.
Fiesta Championship
MSA Regulations
Requirements listed below are shown in more detail in Sections J, K and Q in the MSA Year Book. Crash helmets bearing an MSA approval sticker must be worn at all times during training, practice and competition. See yearbook page 178. Clean FIA 2000 flame-Resistant overalls, must be worn. Be fitted with a laminated windscreen. If plastic side screens or rear windows are fitted the thickness must not be less than 4mm. Any ballast required must be attached to the shell/chassis via at least 4 mounting points using bolts with a minimum diameter of 8mm each with steel counter plates of at least 400 sq mm surface area and 3mm thickness. Tinted glass in any window which can significantly affect through vision (in or out) or distort the colours of signal flags or lights is prohibited. Numbers must be displayed on each side of the vehicle (front doors, alongside the cockpit) and on the foremost part of the nose. If advertising is on the windscreen not have the advertising obscuring the driver’s vision i.e. not more than 13cm deep.. Advertising on other transparent surfaces is prohibited unless specified in the Championship Regulations. The driver’s name may be displayed on the rear side and/or the rear screen in letters not exceeding 10cm high.
PLEASE NOTE Helmet specification SNELL SA2000 - Not valid Helmet specification BS6658 Type A/FR - Not valid An FIA approved FHR device, fitted in accordance with K.10.4, is Mandatory for drivers in Circuit Racing. With the exception of Period Defined Vehicles for which it is recommend. Frontal Head Restraints (FHRs) Frontal Head Restraints (FHRs) competitor guidance IF BUYING A NEW HELMET MAKE SURE IT HAS THE PILLARS ATTACHED FOR USE WITH AN FHR SYSTEM
PLEASE NOTE – The 500MRCI Fiesta Championship class running at Kirkistown this year will run to the 2017 regulations registered with the MSA.  Higher compression ratios and other modifications allowed in Fiesta championships held elsewhere will not be eligible to race in this class.
All the basic rules governing participation in motor sport events in Britain are contained in the 2017 MSA Year Book or Blue Book as it is generally called. To enjoy the sport to the full, Organisers, Competitors and Officials should ensure they are familiar with the regulations relevant to their own particular discipline, in this case circuit racing. For those taking part in circuit racing the simple way to read the Blue Book is to read the sections in the following order; Section J: Competitors – Vehicles P144 Section Q: Circuit Racing P274 Section K: Competitors – Safety P156 Section J has the regulations that concern every vehicle taking part in motorsport, Section Q will detail specific regulations for cars that are involved in circuit racing. Section Q will also list the regulation numbers for the safety items detailed in Section K  i.e. rollcage, fire extinguisher etc. that cars require to take part in racing.
Along with reading the MSA regulations above you need to read the current Fiesta Class Sporting and Technicial regulations as issued by the 500MRCI. These regulations tell you what modifications you can and can’t make to the standard road going Fiesta, what it is required to have e.g. what springs it has to run, what gearbox ratios it has to have etc.