One of the most common questions the 500MRCI receive is: "My child wants to be a race car driver. How does (he, she) get started?" The first thing is that it is never too early to start. All of the drivers you see on TV every week, no matter the type of cars, started out young (some as early as 4 years old) at their local race track or in karts. The hard part is to prove that you have some ability there, prove yourself there and you'll quickly find yourself moving up through the ranks. Keep it up and you can find yourself catching the eye of a big name car owner. Remember F1 drivers John Watson, Eddie Irvine and Martin Donnley started their racing careers here at Kirkistown with the 500MRCI.
Conor Mulholland
Car number 18. Conor's love for racing started many years ago after watching his uncle Seamas Mulholland, a previous clerk of the course for the race meetings held at Kirkistown for many years after his racing career, racing in the formula fords. This love of racing brought Conor to the safety side of the sport, were he marshalled at Kirkistown for almost 10 years before he became a member of the 500MRCI rescue crew. He is now a 500MRCI council member and runs the medical and rescue side of the circuit. In 2012, having talked to a lot of the Fiesta drivers about how easy it was to get a car on the grid he thought it was the perfect opportunity to get into the race scene in an affordable way. With the support of his wife Christina, his good friend Graham Curry and all his sponsors including 'The Motorgym' in Bangor, who were instrumental in the building of his car, he got onto the grid for March 2013. Having completed his first season, he is looking forward to many seasons to come.
Fiesta Championship
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