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Welcome to the official website of the Fiesta Zetec Championship race series. This is the place to come for  the latest news, updates on events, the drivers racing achievements and to contact the race series coordinator.  Here you can catch up on the progress of the race heroes of tomorrow on our results page. Hopefully the ‘Competitor Information’ pages are written in away that will give information to people wanting to start racing in this class along with information for people already racing in the class. Think you’ve got what it takes to go racing? Would you enjoy mixing it up in some of the most evenly- matched, cleanest, lowest-cost racing there is?  Shift from racing fan to real race car driver. The chance you've been waiting for. Your heart beats faster. You grab the steering wheel in anticipation. Driving will never be the same again. In the 70s and 80s the UK was the place any serious young race driver came to in order to do lots of fiercely competitive inexpensive racing, learn his craft and hopefully move upwards towards F1. A key factor was the existence of a suitable category – and then it was Formula Ford.   Over the last ten years particularly this has all changed, motorsport has become expensive and grid numbers have tumbled, championships struggled and in some cases failed. This race series is designed to be inexpensive and to give people the chance to enjoy and to try motorsport. Fiesta racing is a cost-effective ways to go racing in the UK.  One of the reasons why the championship is so popular, is that it offers very good value for money. This is partly due to the cost effective nature of the Championship.
25th March 22nd April 6th & 7th May Bishopscourt non scoring 27th May 23rd & 24th June 29th July 26th August 7th October
If you require further information contact the NEW race series coordinator  Donal O’Neill 028 9082 5235
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The Fiesta Zetec Championship is a race series for standard 1.25lt Zetec engined Ford Fiestas built between 1995-2001.
This MSA permit championship has strictly enforced regulations that prohibit performance modifications and help to keep costs down.
Held at Kirkistown Motor Racing Circuit, a motorsport circuit located on the Ards Peninsula of County Down, Northern ireland. 
RACE DATES FOR 2017 Two races at each meeting scoring 11 from 12 events for championship
PLEASE NOTE – The 500MRCI Fiesta Championship class running at Kirkistown this year will run to the 2017 regulations registered with the MSA.  Higher compression ratios and other modifications allowed in Fiesta championships held elsewhere will not be eligible to race in this class.
Strictly enforced regulations that prohibit performance modifications help to keep costs down making it the cheapest class racing today by a significant margin. For 2017, the 500MRCI at Kirkistown Race Circuit will promote an MSA permit Championship for near standard production Ford Fiesta's. The race series is for 1.25lt Zetec engined Ford Fiestas built between 1995-2001.  Each of the five scoring race meetings will include a Saturday morning qualifying and two races in the afternoon. The best eleven results out of the twelve races count towards the championship. The cars run almost completely standard with required safety modifications that are detailed in the MSA regulations.  A minimum of additional modifications are allowed, these are listed in the technical regulations issued by the 500MRCI.
October 2017 race meeting Kirkistown
2017 Champion Jonny Forsythe